Distance calculation API for your mobile App, website or ERP

This API allows you to calculate the shortest route for a car between any two points.

Each API response contains:

Route can be calculated between multiple points. Up to 50 points per request are supported.

Worldwide routing. Our routing graph covers the whole earth.

Only free software is used under the hood. No licensing restrictions from big corporations.

Cost effective solution

This API is similar to Google Maps for a smaller budget. Depending on the number of requests, it costs 2-3 times less with the same functionality. Check this comparison table.

Quick Start with API

  1. Obtain the license key

    Get the License Key step by step
    get Free License Key
  2. Run your first query in API playground

    How API Playground looks like
    try API Playground
  3. Download the SDK for your favorite programming language

    SDK Download
    download SDK

    The list of available SDKs: C, Clojure, C#, Go, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Node.js, Objective-C, OCaml, PHP, Powershell, Python, R, RapidQL, Ruby, Shell, Swift.


Basic plan

$0 / month

Free 40 000 routes per month + $0,002 per each extra route.

Maximum 6 requests per minute.

Pro plan

$20 / month

Free 50 000 routes per month + $0,0015 per each extra route.

Ultra plan

$150 / month

Free 100 000 routes per month + $0,001 per each extra route.

Choose Your Plan

Check out the documentation

Do you have more questions? Learn more about the distance calculation in the documentation.

API Documentation

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