Point Distance Time Fuel
Rosmalen 0 mi 0:00 00 min 0.0 gal
A2 A59 8 mi, 09 min
Vliedberg 8 mi 0:09 09 min 0.2 gal
A59 4 mi, 03 min
Drunen 12 mi 0:13 13 min 0.4 gal
A59 2 mi, 02 min
Waalwijk 14 mi 0:15 15 min 0.5 gal
A59 4 mi, 03 min
Capelle 18 mi 0:19 19 min 0.6 gal
A59 8 mi, 07 min
Made 26 mi 0:27 27 min 0.9 gal
A59 A16 14 mi, 14 min
Etten-Leur 40 mi 0:42 42 min 1.3 gal

How long is the drive from Rosmalen to Etten-Leur

This calculator can be used to estimate the driving time from Rosmalen to Etten-Leur. Calculation how many hours from Rosmalen to Etten-Leur was made without taking into account intermediate stops and traffic jams. The speed on each way segment was taken into account to estimate how long the drive is.

Rosmalen - Etten-Leur is ranked 572nd in the ranking popularity.
The distance between Rosmalen and Etten-Leur is 40 miles or 65 kilometers.
To calculate how far it is from Etten-Leur to Rosmalen by car, all intermediate way segments were totalized.
You can drive from Rosmalen to Etten-Leur through Vliedberg, Drunen, Waalwijk, Capelle and Made.
Use the "Intermediate points" field inside the "Show advanced options" to calculate path from Rosmalen to Etten-Leur through specific transit points.
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