Map of I.M.S.S. Clínica 3

Here is the location map of I.M.S.S. Clínica 3.

Where is located I.M.S.S. Clínica 3?

Hospital is located in Ciudad Morelos (Cuervos), Mexicali, Mexico. I.M.S.S. Clínica 3 is located 31 mi from Universidad Politécnica de Baja California and 30 mi from Picacho Taylor Lake Boat-In Campground. The nearest lake Lado Bahavia is 16 mi away. The nearest beach Centennial Beach is 14 mi away. The nearest museum Museum of History in Granite is 9 mi away. The nearest park Picacho Peak Wilderness Area is 27 mi away. The nearest castle Tovrea Castle is 176 mi away. The nearest city Ciudad Morelos (Cuervos) is 1 mi away.

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