Map of Nova Lima

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Where is located Nova Lima?

City is located in Campo Grande, Campo Grande, Microrregião de Campo Grande, Mesorregião Centro Norte de Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul, Central-West Region, Brazil. Nova Lima is located 4 mi from UCDB and 11 mi from Chácara do Hélio's. The nearest lake Atlantico is 10 mi away. The nearest beach Praia da Figueira is 140 mi away. The nearest museum Museu de Arte Contemporânea is 4 mi away. The nearest park Refúgio Binacional de Mbaracaju is 252 mi away. The nearest castle Forte Coimbra is 212 mi away. The nearest city Chácara dos Poderes is 4 mi away.

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