Satellite map of Museo Usina Molet (MUM)

Here is the satellite view of Museo Usina Molet (MUM).

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Satellite view of Museo Usina Molet (MUM)

Museum is located in Córdoba, Argentina. Museo Usina Molet (MUM) is located 6 mi from Santa María Airport and 4 mi from Camping A.C.A.. The nearest lake Embalse San Roque is 2 mi away. The nearest beach La Isla is 1 mi away. The nearest hospital Hospital Regional Domingo Funes is 5 mi away. The nearest park Reserva Hídrica Natural Saldán Inchín is 7 mi away. The nearest castle Castillo del Parque Luro is 384 mi away. The nearest city Tabajara Brites is 449 mi away.

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