Topographic map of San Martin Airport

Here is the terrain and relief map of San Martin Airport.

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Geographic and physical map of San Martin Airport

Airport is located in Distrito Palmira, Departamento San Martín, Mendoza, Argentina. San Martin Airport is located 23 mi from Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport and 11 mi from Universidad Católica de Cuyo (Sede Mendoza). The nearest camping Camping de los Petroleros is 19 mi away. The nearest lake Laguna Espejo is 85 mi away. The nearest hospital Hospital Alfredo Ítalo Perrupato is 2 mi away. The nearest museum Casa de Giol is 17 mi away. The nearest park Parque Andino Juncal is 90 mi away. The nearest castle Castillo Butrón is 149 mi away.

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