Motorway S16 in Austria

Motorway exits

S16 Arlberg Schnellstraße

Arlberg Schnellstraße

Zams - Bludenz

Lanes Exit-km Direction Bludenz (Read down) Direction Zams (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
Inntal Autobahn A12 Go to A12 E60
Zammertunnel 1070m E60
Parjentunnel 2993m E60
Landeck-West 171 E60
Gurnauertunnel 355m Gurnauertunnel 355m E60
Tunnel Pianns-Quadratsch 1545m Tunnel Pianns-Quadratsch 1545m E60
Pians / Paznaun / Ischgl 171 L68 E60
Tunnel Strengen 5710m Tunnel Strengen 5750m E60
Flirsch L68 E60
Tunnel Flirsch-Gondebach 1226m E60
Galerie 650m E60
Galerie 500m E60
Raststation Schnann E60
Galerie 400m E60
Tunnel Pettneu 285m Tunnel Pettneu 285m E60
Pettneu am Arlberg L68 E60
Malfonbachtunnel 370m E60
Schnauer Galerie 270m Schnauer Galerie 270m E60
St. Anton am Arlberg, Mautstelle St. Jakob am Arlberg 197 Toll station E60
Arlbergtunnel 13972m E60
Langen am Arlberg / Klösterle-Ost L97 L97 E60
Langener Tunnel 2323m Langener Tunnel 2090m E60
Hangbrücke Wilden 1033m E60
Raststation Klösterle E60
Wald am Arlberg / Klösterle-West L97 E60
Galerie 100m Galerie 100m E60
Dalaaser Tunnel 1810m (Dalaaser Tunnel 1750m) Seconf tube 1750m U/C E60
Dalaas L97 E60
Tunnel Garatz 300m E60
Braz-Ost L97 E60
Raststation Innerbraz E60
Braz-West L97 E60
Bings L97 E60
(61) Bludenz-Ost / Montafon 188 190 E60
Rheintal Autobahn A14 Go to A14 E60