Motorway I293 in United States

Motorway exits

Interstate 293


Frederick E. Everett Turnpike: Exit 4 - I-93 IC

Manchester - Hooksett

Lanes Exit-mile Direction Hooksett (Read down) Direction Manchester (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
-0 Salem, Boston, Concord, Seacoast Go to I-93, Go to NH-101 East
1-1 South Willow St
2-2 Brown Ave, Manchester Airport
3-3 Bedford, Milford, Merrimack, Nashua Go to NH-101 West, Go to Everett Tpk
4-4 Queen City Ave, Second St
5-5 Granite Street, Downtown
6-6 Amoskeag St, Manchester Amoskeag St, Goffstown Rd
7-8 Hooksett
- Salem, Concord, White Mountains Go to I-93, Go to Everett Tpk