Motorway I515-US95 in United States

Motorway exits

Interstate 515, US Highway 95 - Las Vegas Expressway

Las Vegas Expressway

US 95: entire length
Interstate 515: Exit 56 - Exit 76

Henderson - North Las Vegas

Lanes Exit Direction North Las Vegas (Read down) Direction Henderson (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
Boulder Hwy
Begin Interstate 515 End Interstate 515
56A Wagon Wheel Dr, Nevada State Dr Wagon Wheel Dr, Boulder Hwy
56B Boulder Hwy
57 College Dr
59 Horizon Dr
61 Beltway, Lake Mead Dr Go to I-215
62 Auto Show Dr
64 Sunset Rd
65 Russel Rd
68 Tropicana Ave, McCarran Airport
69 Flamingo Rd
70 Boulder Hwy
72 Charleston Blvd
73 Eastern Ave
75A Downtown LV, Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas Blvd, Cashman Field
75B Downtown LV, Casino Ctr Blvd
End Interstate 515 Begin Interstate 515
76AB A: Los Angeles
B: Salt Lake City
Go to I-15
76C Martin Luther King Blvd
77 Rancho Dr
78 Valley View Blvd
79 Decatur Blvd
80 Jones Blvd
81AB Summerlin Pkwy, Rainbow Blvd Go to Summerlin Pkwy
82AB Rainbow Blvd, Lake Mead Blvd
83 Cheyenne Ave
85 Craig Rd
90A Rancho Dr
90B Ann Rd
91 CC-215 Beltway Go to CC-215
93 Durango Dr
94 Kyle Canyon Rd
95 Painte Way