Motorway I678 in United States

Motorway exits

Interstate 678


Van Wyck Expressway: JFK Airport - Exit 13
Whitestone Expressway:
Exit 13 - I-95/I-295/HRP

JFK Airport - Bronx

Lanes Exit-mile Direction Bronx (Read down) Direction JFK Airport (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
John F. Kennedy International Airport Go to JFK Expwy
Van Wyck Service Roads
130 Place
Federal Circle
150 Ave
1A Nassau Expwy Go to NY-878
1EW Belt Pkwy, Estern Long Island, Brooklyn
Go to Belt Pkwy
2 Rockaway Blvd
3 Linden Blvd
4 Liberty Ave
5 Atlantic Ave
6 Hillside Ave, Jamaica Ave
8 Main St, Union Tpke
9 Queens Blvd
10-7 10: Grand Central Pkwy, LaGuardia Airport, Triboro Br 7: Jackie Robinson Pkwy, Brooklyn Go to Grand Central Pkwy, Go to Jackie Robinson Pkwy
8 Union Tpke
11 Jewel Ave, 69 Rd
12A College Pt Blvd, Eastern Long Island
12B Long Island Expwy, Queens-Midtown Tunnel Go to I-495
12A College Pt Blvd, Eastern Long Island
13 Northern Blvd, Astoria Blvd, Grand Central Pkwy
Go to Grand Central Pkwy
14 Linden Place
15 20 Ave

Cross Island Pkwy, Eastern Long Island

Go to Cross Island Pkwy
17 3 Ave 14 Ave
Bronx-Whitestone Bridge 1150m (3770ft) East River
Bronx-Whitestone Bridge Toll Plaza
Ferry Pt Park, Local Streets
27 I-278 Bruckner Expwy - Triboro Br
I-95 Cross Bronx Expwy - George Washington Br
Hutchinson River Pkwy, New England
Go to I-95, Go to I-278, Go to Hutchinson River Pkwy