Motorway I89 in United States

Motorway exits

Interstate 89


Frank D. Merrill Highway: entire length

Concord - Lebanon, VT border

Lanes Exit-mile Direction VT border (Read down) Direction Concord (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
-0 Bow Junction
-0 N: Concord, Seacoast
S: Manchester, Boston
Go to I-93, Go to Everett Tpk
1-0 Logging Hill Rd, Bow
2-2 Clinton St, Concord
3-4 Stickney Hill Road
4-7 Hopkinton
5-8 Keene, Henniker Hopkinton, Henniker
6-11 Contoocook, West Hopkinton
7-14 Davisville, Contoocook
8-17 Warner
9-20 Warner, Bradford
-26 Rest Area
10-27 Sutton
11-31 King Hill Rd, New London
12-35 New London, Sunapee
12A-37 Georges Mills, Springfield
13-43 Grantham, Croydon
14-48 North Grantham
15-50 Smith Pond Rd, Old Route 10
16-52 Methodist Hill Rd, Eastman Hill Rd
17-54 Enfield, Canaan
18-56 Lebanon, Hanover
-57 Weigh Station Rest Area, Welcome Center, Weigh Station
19-58 Hanover, West Lebanon
20-60 West Lebanon, Claremont
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge Connecticut River
Vermont New Hampshire State border
VT Interstate Go to I-89