Motorway SPAULDING_TPK in United States

Motorway exits

Spaulding Turnpike

Spaulding Turnpike

Portsmouth - Union

Lanes Exit-mile Direction Union (Read down) Direction Portsmouth (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as

Portsmouth Traffic Circle

Go to I-95
-0 Rockingham Ave
-0 Hampton, Boston Go to I-95
-0 Echo Ave, Brady Dr
1-1 Gosling Rd, Pease Int'l Tradeport
2-2 Fox Run Rd
3-4 Business District, Portsmouth, Newington
4-4 Newington, Village
Little Bay Bridge Little Bay/Piscataqua River
5-5 Hilton Park
6NW-6 N: Dover
W: Durham - UNH, Concord
Durham, Concord
-6 Dover Point Toll House Toll station
7-9 Dover, Durham
8EW-10 E: Dover, Downtown
W: Madbury
9-12 Dover, Somersworth
-17 Rochester Toll House Toll station
11-18 Old Dover Rd, Rochester
12-18 Rochester, Gonick
13-20 Rochester, Concord
14-21 Ten Rod Rd, Rochester
15-22 Farmington, Alton
16-23 East Rochester, Sanford ME
17-27 Milton, Farmington
18-33 Union, Milton Mills