Point Distance Time Fuel
Löpten 0 mi 0:00 00 min 0.0 gal
L 742 4 mi, 05 min
Teupitz 4 mi 0:05 05 min 0.1 gal
A 13 7 mi, 06 min
Dornswalde 11 mi 0:12 12 min 0.3 gal
K 7225 2 mi, 03 min
Radeland 14 mi 0:15 15 min 0.4 gal
K 7225 4 mi, 05 min
Baruth/Mark 17 mi 0:21 21 min 0.5 gal

Itinerary Löpten to Baruth/Mark

To calculate a path Löpten to Baruth/Mark and back to Löpten, type "Löpten" in the "From" and "To" fields, click "Show advanced options" and type "Baruth/Mark" in the "Intermediate points" field.

Löpten to Baruth/Mark itinerary is ranked 7,845th in the ranking popularity.
The number of hours from Löpten to Baruth/Mark is calculated without using intermediate stops.
In calculating how far Löpten is from Baruth/Mark, all intermediate way segments were totalized.
Driving from Löpten to Baruth/Mark possible through Teupitz, Dornswalde and Radeland.
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