Point Distance Time Fuel
Zele 0 mi 0:00 00 min 0.0 gal
N47 12 mi, 15 min
Waesmunster 12 mi 0:15 15 min 0.3 gal
E17 3 mi, 02 min
Saint-Nicolas 15 mi 0:18 18 min 0.5 gal
2 mi, 02 min
Tamise 17 mi 0:21 21 min 0.5 gal
N16 4 mi, 08 min
Bornem 22 mi 0:30 30 min 0.6 gal

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Traced route from Berlare to Bornem

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Berlare - Bornem route is ranked 3,271st in the ranking popularity.
The distance from Berlare to Bornem is 21 miles or 34 kilometers.
To find out how many km Berlare to Bornem, all intermediate way segments were totalized.
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