Point Distance Time Fuel
Cirò Marina 0 mi 0:00 00 min 0.0 gal
SS106 7 mi, 09 min
Torretta 7 mi 0:09 09 min 0.2 gal
SS106 6 mi, 07 min
Cariati 14 mi 0:17 17 min 0.4 gal
SS106 22 mi, 27 min
Rossano 37 mi 0:44 44 min 0.9 gal

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Traced route from Cirò Marina to Rossano

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Cirò Marina - Rossano route is ranked 24,038th in the ranking popularity.
The distance from Cirò Marina to Rossano is 37 miles or 59 kilometers.
To find out how many km Cirò Marina to Rossano, all intermediate way segments were totalized.
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